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Welcome to Mera Bachpan Preschool, where every child’s journey is filled with love, care, and endless possibilities. At Mera Bachpan, we believe that childhood is a precious and magical time, and we strive to create a nurturing and inspiring environment that fosters growth and development. We are more than just a preschool; we are a family that cherishes each child’s unique qualities and celebrates their individuality.

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Educational Programs


Igniting curiosity through play and exploration. A joyful space where friendships and learning take flight.


Laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. Nurturing young minds with engaging activities and discovery.


Fostering a love of learning in the early years. Building confidence and foundational skills for academic success.


Preparing for the next chapter with confidence and readiness. Empowering young learners to reach their full potential.

Grade 1st :

Embarking on an exciting academic journey. Cultivating a love for learning and building strong fundamentals.

Grade 2nd:

Deepening knowledge and expanding horizons. Encouraging critical thinking and fostering a love for exploration.


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Smart Classes

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Why Us ?

Activity-based learning

Our preschool embraces a dynamic approach, engaging children in hands-on activities that promote active learning and enhance their understanding

Holistic development

We prioritize the overall growth of children, nurturing their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional skills through a balanced curriculum and personalized attention.

Safe and stimulating environment

We provide a secure and stimulating space where children can freely explore, discover, and express themselves, fostering their confidence and self-expression.

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